LaBelle Lyrics

Songs by LaBelle

  1. A Man In A Trenchcoat (Voodoo) Lyrics
  2. Action Time Lyrics
  3. Ain't It Sad It's All Over Lyrics
  4. All Girl Band Lyrics
  5. Are You Lonely? Lyrics
  6. Baby's Out of Sight Lyrics
  7. Black Holes in the Sky Lyrics
  8. (Can I Speak Before You Go to) Hollywood Lyrics
  9. (Can I Speak to You Before You Go to) Hollywood Lyrics
  10. Candlelight Lyrics
  11. Chameleon Lyrics
  12. Chances Go Round Lyrics
  13. Come Into My Life Lyrics
  14. Cosmic Dancer Lyrics
  15. Dear Rosa Lyrics
  16. Don't Bring Me Down Lyrics
  17. Far as We Felt Like Goin' Lyrics
  18. Get You Somebody New Lyrics
  19. Goin' on a Holiday Lyrics
  20. Going Down Makes Me Shiver Lyrics
  21. Good Intentions Lyrics
  22. Gypsy Moths Lyrics
  23. Heart Be Still Lyrics
  24. How Long Lyrics
  25. I Believe That I've Finally Made It Home Lyrics
  26. If I Can't Have You Lyrics
  27. Isn't It A Shame Lyrics
  28. It Took a Long Time Lyrics
  29. Lady Marmalade Lyrics
  30. Lady Marmalade Lyrics
  31. Last Dance Lyrics
  32. Let Me See You in the Light Lyrics
  33. Medley: Something in the Air/The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Lyrics
  34. Messin' With My Mind Lyrics
  35. Miss Otis Regrets Lyrics
  36. Moon Shadow Lyrics
  37. Moon Shadow (edit) Lyrics
  38. Morning Much Better Lyrics
  39. Mr. Music Man Lyrics
  40. Nightbird Lyrics
  41. Open Up Your Heart Lyrics
  42. Peace With Yourself Lyrics
  43. People Say They're Changing Lyrics
  44. Phoenix (The Amazing Flight of a Lone Star) Lyrics
  45. Pressure Cookin' Lyrics
  46. Roll Out (feat. Wyclef Jean) Lyrics
  47. Runnin' Out of Fools/If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody Lyrics
  48. Running Out of Fools/If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody Lyrics
  49. Shades of Difference Lyrics
  50. Slow Burn Lyrics
  51. Somebody Somewhere Lyrics
  52. Something in the Air/The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Lyrics
  53. Space Children Lyrics
  54. Sunday's News Lyrics
  55. Sunshine (Woke Me Up This Mornig) Lyrics
  56. Sunshine (Woke Me Up This Morning) Lyrics
  57. Superlover Lyrics
  58. System Lyrics
  59. Take the Night Off Lyrics
  60. Tears For The World Lyrics
  61. Time Lyrics
  62. Time & Love Lyrics
  63. Too Many Days Lyrics
  64. Touch Me All Over Lyrics
  65. Truth Will Set You Free Lyrics
  66. Turn It Out (Miss Thing's Runway dub) Lyrics
  67. Turn It Out (Shep's Totally Turnt dub) Lyrics
  68. Turn It Out (Shep's Totally Turnt Out 12" Anthem mix) Lyrics
  69. Turn It Out (The Bomb Mix0) Lyrics
  70. What Can I Do For You Lyrics
  71. When the Sun Comes Shining Through (The Ladder) Lyrics
  72. Who's Watching The Watcher Lyrics
  73. Wild Horses Lyrics
  74. Without You In My Life Lyrics
  75. Won't Get Fooled Again Lyrics
  76. You Turn Me On Lyrics
  77. You've Got a Friend Lyrics
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