Outkast - Hollywood Divorce Lyrics

Hollywood Divorce Song Lyrics


Starts off like a small town marriage

Lovely wife in life, baby carriage

Now all the stars have cars, success of course

but it ends in Hollywood divorce

(Verse 1: Lil Wayne)

And I`m a star

Yea, and I don`t have to go to Hollywood

cause Hollywood come through my neighborhood with cameras on

I really think they`re stealin from us like a sample song

I really wish one day we`d take it back like Hammer`s home

The hurricane come and took my Louisiana home

and all I got in return was a dern country song

This whole country wrong

What would you write if you just put a little ice on

and cut your mic on

but you don`t even write your songs

but Hollywood make you spit like a python

I meant Cobra, I`m so not sober

I`m high like a Hollywood

coffee or soda

You can call me a roller

Hold up

Your grill`s glistenin`

Spent a hundred thousand on mine to feel different - what`s the real sense of it?

Uhhh Bling bling, I know

and did you know I`m the creator of the term

I just straightened the perm and let it sit too long, they just makin it burn

Make a movie of our lifestyle

But they earn like a dead body burned on a mantlepiece

That`s why I try not to lie on wax like this candle grease

and I be`s the little n*gga cooler than anti-freeze defrost on your window pane - Lil Wayne

but in Hollywood it`s Litt-le Wayne

don`t make me not

so that`s why I got a pre-nup - I do


(Verse 2:Andre 3000)

Yeah, Yeah

A is for Adamsville

B is for born home?

C if I give a f**k if you like me you know I don`t

If she ain`t got a good head on her leave that ho alone

If she do got some good head on her let her sing a song

D is for what I serve, I don`t be on no curb

She ain`t no junkie neither, I ain`t no dope dealer

But she keep comin back 3-stacks, must be some crack

Put that pipe in her lap, she ain`t know how to act

Now that I`ve got your undivided attention I`m gonna say this and run under condition one

Promise me you gon` stack, promise me you gon` ball

Promise me you`ll invest three fourths of it all

For what? So your kids, kids, kids can have some cheese

Can`t get with it? Get get get get get on your knees

Cause wealth is the word

Rich is round the corner from the curb

Don`t like what I write? Shoot me a bird

(Verse 3: Big Boi)

(Starts off)

Tenth grade, the way was paved for me and Dre. to create

Like Dr. Frankenstein the arts and crafts

now could we make a a difference

Antoine Patton and Andre Benjamin been jammin for you crab and rap n*ggas and journalists

that`s quick to misprint public and private business

then retract back for deaf ears and think it`s dismissed

Part two the sequel all new cast,

just ain`t the same gang of nerds slanndering your name behind that screen name

they`re lame and their life is pretty plain

M&M`s with no nuts

won`t show up face-to-face straight b*tch made

like puppies on the nipples of a mutt

Address it on a case-by-case basis like the judge

What about these lyin` ass hoes tryin to plot

or these n*ggas on the block who want the queen (n*gga please)

but even she can walk we`ll miss her we ain`t gon` fake it

but God don`t make mistakes must be something bigger waitin


(Verse 4:Snoop Dogg)

I do, love you but you hate me at the same time

lights, camera, action, it`s game time

do you take this here as your lovely wife?

to love her and cherish her for all your life?

I solemnly swear to dare, share take you there

and me and you together baby we a lucky pair

it`s been a long time, we walked a thin line

others say they gotcha but you been mine

as I sit back and watch all them cat fights

domestic violence - is that right?

but you love the dogg, gave me the spotlight

and now I`m growin up, showin up, blowin up

I never ever thought that we would separate at all

but you played me like a game of football

used to feed me, need me, dress me

now it`s so messy straight cut out and left me

(Andre 3000)

Hollywood divorce

all the fresh styles always start off as a good little hood thing

look at blues, rock, jazz, rap

Not even talkin about music

everything else too

by the time it reach Hollywood it`s over

but it`s cool

we just keep it goin and make new sh*t

(Snoop Dogg)

Take our game, take our name

give us a little fame -

and then they kick us to the curb that`s a cold thang

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This song appears on the following album(s):
22 August 2006

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